American Legends Motorcycle Rally

What Route Will You Choose?

Legendary is how we describe what the riders accomplish. Whether it’s 1000 miles or 1500 miles in a 24-hour period, we call it Legendary. Our belief is that true long distance riders just do not ride 1000 miles for one day. They ride them in consecutive days. The United States population as of July 2012 is 311,591,917. We don’t believe there is .5% of the population that can conquer this task. Once you are a Legends Rider, you are now part of an elite group of riders in the sport of long distance, endurance riding.

With the Legends Rally, you will encounter incredible scenery within our beautiful United States never crossing into foreign borders. This is a team event, if you desire, where you can utilize a navigator to assist you in acquiring points. The Legends Rally allows the use of GPS and Bluetooth for assistance. This is a taxing event of endurance and we want the riders to operate as safely as possible. One rider on his/her motorcycle with a navigational team to assist the rider in routing, scoring, weather alerts, fuel stops, timing/pace – well, you get the picture. By allowing teams, this creates even more excitement for the team and the fans of our sport. By creating this excitement, we give exposure to the rider and sponsors as well.

The riders accumulate points by riding to predetermined “points of interest” (POI) designated by the Legends Rally. The point value differs between each “POI”.
Some POI’s are more difficult to obtain because of traffic patterns or distance so they may have higher points values. The riders that are able to pick the correct route, POI’s, and manage their time with consistency will always be contenders for prizes!

The Legends Rally will utilize the services of U.S. Fleet Tracking for the tracking and scoring of each event. Participants that are in competition for prizes must have a USFT tracking device and can utilize that same device for future events as well.

Life is about choices, right?

The beauty about the Legends Rally is that the rider can choose their route. They can choose if they want a team or navigate on their own, choose to ride alone or if they would like to take a passenger. Passengers are allowed but you will not be a prize contender. There are no additional entry fees for passengers. So bring along whomever you would like and score your points for a taste on pure endurance!

By choosing to be a Legends Rider, you are affiliated with a Not-for-Profit company. For us, being non-profit is the RIGHT thing to do. One of our beneficiaries is The Make it Fit Foundation for children with autism. However, we want to have the top placing Legends Riders choose who they are riding for. In other words, the top 3 placing Legends Riders will have their choice of charitable contributions.



Cash awards are based on the number of riders. As an example in the 2 day events, if we have 30 riders that would be a purse of $6,000!

1st place is $3,600
2nd place will be $1800
3rd place is $600

Not bad for a weekend ride!

Example for the 1 week events, if we have 100 riders that would be a purse of $50,000!!

1st $22,000
2nd $12,000
3rd $4,000
4th $1,500
5th $500

Just double these figures if we have double the riders!

We are about awarding and acknowledging Legends Riders. In the one-week events, the top 5 riders will receive trophies and cash awards. In the two-day events, we will award the top 3 Legends Riders. We will also recognize EVERY rider regardless for their accomplishments. This is an incredible adventure where you learn about our beautiful country as well as yourself and what you can handle.